Homeowners are often faced with gutter issues to the point of looking for long-term solutions such as GutterShutters. Based on reverse curve technology, a GutterShutter is a durable water system in which water flows into a gutter while debris is washed off the roof. A watertight seal from the roofline down protects your home. Here are answers to common questions about the GutterShutter.

Does the GutterShutter for your Sacramento home cost more?

Sacramento winters are fairly mild compared with other parts of the country, so there isn’t any noticeable higher cost or wear and tear. There will be a slightly greater investment upfront to have GutterShutter installed, but you will see returns in your investment over the years through less maintenance.

Do they last longer?

The GutterShutter system is made of heavy aluminum and is guaranteed to be free of clogs. It is designed to never pull away from your roof, due to strong fasteners under the drip edge. The aluminum provides long-lasting curb appeal and matches several different colors. The finish has a 20-year warranty for its strong enamel. The lifespan of your gutter largely depends on how well you take care of it, such as getting a periodic inspection. Heavy storms can create unpredictable results, so it’s best to have your roofing system checked after severe weather. Make sure that whoever installs your new system is experienced, certified and insured.

Do they protect your home better?

A major advantage to the U.S.-patented GutterShutter system is it eliminates the need to climb a ladder for cleaning out gutters. The system is mounted to the home and is free from clogs and debris, as it includes unique adhesives and a unique gutter cover. The one-piece end cap helps make the system resistant to water and animals. A special bracket is used every two feet throughout the system, helping prevent the gutter from pulling away.

Are GutterShutters Worth It?

The key to GutterShutters being worthwhile is the benefit of having a seamless leak-free system. Traditional systems divided into sections have more joints and opportunities for water leaks.

Another way GutterShutters add value to a home is improved curb appeal with a high return on investment. The beautiful colors available give your home a modern, sophisticated and clean look.

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