Whether you need roof repairs, replacement, or installation in the Sacramento area, you’re going to want to hire a roofer who does high-quality work and can be trusted. The last thing you should do is choose the first roofer who comes along or to choose the roofer who boasts the cheapest prices (you often get what you pay for, as the saying goes). The question, then, is how do you choose the best roofer in Sacramento? The following are a few questions you should ask in order to choose a reputable roofer who will do a good job.

Is the roofer local?

Always hire a local roofer. First of all, you’re less likely to hire a scammer who comes in from out of town to take advantage of homeowners. Secondly, local roofers understand what kind of roofing materials are required for a roof to last in your climate. They are also familiar with all of the local building codes and regulations so you won’t run into legal trouble.

How much experience does the roofer have?

The more experience a roofer has, the better. An experienced roofer will know how to successfully address any problems or challenges that come up as they work on your roof. An experienced roofer is going to have more expertise, which means they can help you navigate your options and decisions concerning your roof much more effectively.

Is the roofer fully licensed and insured?

Never work with a roofer who doesn’t have insurance or isn’t fully licensed to work in your area. If a contractor hurts themselves while working on your roof, accidentally hurts someone else on your property, or causes damage to your property, you won’t want to be held liable.

Can the roofer provide referrals?

Think twice about any roofer who can’t or isn’t willing to provide you with referrals. They should be able to provide you with the contact info for at least two or three previous customers who are willing to speak on their behalf. 

Do they have a positive rating on the BBB website?

Visit the BBB (Better Busines Bureau) website and read up on the roofer. Do they have a positive rating? Were any complaints submitted to the BBB by customers? If so, how did the roofer resolve the issue?

How will they charge you?

Don’t work with any roofer who requires you to pay for their work upfront. This is not how it works. A reputable roofer may require you to pay a small amount upfront with the majority of the cost billed after the work is done.

How quickly do they get back to you?

When you get in contact with them, whether by phone or email, do they respond right away? A roofer who takes longer than a day to get back to you may either be too unorganized or may be overwhelmed with work. It shouldn’t take long to get back to you.

How well do they communicate?

When speaking with you, pay attention to how they communicate. Do they address your questions directly or are they vague (or dismiss them outright)? Do they ask you questions? An engaged roofer will ask questions about the work you need to be done. Are they friendly? Do they seem trustworthy? You won’t want to work with someone you won’t get along with.

Is the roofer pressuring you?

If a roofer is pressuring you to sign a contract or wants to do work you don’t want done, then you should look for a different roofer. 

Do they have a website? How helpful is it?

Every roofer should have a website in this day and age. Look over their site. A good website will have a lot of helpful information. A reputable roofer will have at least a testimonial page, a contact page, and page(s) about their services.

Do they have any manufacturer designations?

Manufacturer designations speak to the quality of the roofer’s work. Manufacturers have high standards that need to be met for the roofer to be certified to install their roofing materials properly. A roofer will advertise any manufacturer designations they have on their website.

What kind of warranty do they offer?

A roofer who knows the work they do is of high quality will offer a longer warranty on their work. Avoid roofers who don’t offer warranties on their work.

These are some of the more important questions you should ask as you research roofers in Sacramento, compare services, and speak with the actual contractors — whether you interview them over the phone or in person. To speak with one of the most reputable roofers in the Sacramento area about your roofing needs today, be sure to contact us at Straight Line Construction.